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Cotswold Drive-In Cinema has created an event that, not only abides by social distancing regulations but, allows you to immerse yourself back into the luxuries we've all been missing. We believe in physical distancing while being social.

Experience cinematic bliss on our 10 x 6m outdoor screen enhanced via bluetooth speakers, from the comfort of your car whilst surrounded by stunning views and sunset.

Wood fired pizza, popcorn, ice cream and drinks of your choice can be served right to your window.

Prior to the movie you can stretch your legs and go to the bar and get yourself a cold beer (socially distanced of course) whilst enjoying live music from DJ Gary Mack.

Rocketman will start just after 9pm. Cars limited to 4 people. 


Info and FAQs

Our team have created this superb evening of entertainment for you to enjoy safely. We have taken all reasonable measures to make sure this is a fun and enjoyable evening whilst also keeping everyone safe and well. 

If you do choose to leave you car you are welcome to do so as long as you keep to the social distancing rules for everyone’s safety and enjoyment.

If you do not wish to leave you car you don't need to as we will bring food and drinks to you in your car as you will be able to order via an app.

So relax enjoy a fabulous evening with great music, good food and a NIGHT OUT (without kids)

You are welcome to leave your car over night as long as its collected the next day! 

Where is Cotswold Drive-In Cotswold and how do I get there?

All attendees must arrive by car. CotswoldDrive-in Cinema is being held at the following venue:

  • The Show Ground, Crown Farm, OX29 9NY (between Ascott U Wychwood and Leafield) The postcode will take you to within 2 minutes of the cinema so we recommend using the three words app to help guide you to the exact location. There will be signage at either end of the road , the entrance to the site with be flagged and our staff will be there to great you.

  • If you download my three words app the three words to find the site entrance are - (summaries,bookshop,constants)

How much are tickets for Cotswold Drive-In Cinema?

The cost for tickets is £40 per car (4 people max per car plus a voluntary donation of £5 to the NHS and £3.80 booking fee. Total ticket price of £48.50.

Is it safe to go?

Organisers have been working closely with local authorities to make sure that Cotswold Drive-in Cinema is in line with the latest social distancing measures. They will be adhering to all the current Covid-19 social distancing guidelines to ensure everybody has an enjoyable and very safe experience.

How is the parking done at Cotswold Drive-In Cinema?

A traffic management team will be on site and all vehicles will be guided in to their parking spaces, with number plates checked on entry. Low vehicles will be parked towards the front of the site where possible. If you are in a group we will do our best to place you together (if you are able to arrive at the same time this would help enormously). 

How do I present my tickets to enter?

Please print off your ticket or save it to your phone. This will need to be presented to be scanned upon entry - these can be scanned through the drivers side window). 

Will there be food available to purchase?

There will be a range of food and beverages available at the event that will adhere to all the COVID-19 government guidelines.

We ask you not to bring your own food and beverages or BBQ’s. Gazebos will not be allowed.

Will there be rubbish bins? 

There will be bins but we would kindly ask that you take your own rubbish home to recycle.

Will there be toilets available at Cotswold Drive-In Cinema?

Toilet facilities will be provided with social distancing health and safety management in the form of a toilet attendant and sanitisation measures in place. 

Is there an the age limit?

The film is rated 15. Alcohol must only be served to and consumed by those over the age of 18.

Can I leave my car on site?

Please do not drink and drive. Either book a taxi or PrivateDriverClub driver - You will be able to leave you car on site until 14:00 following day.

Can I get childcare?

We recommend speaking to Kowalah who can arrange childcare for you.

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